Better hurry.

In the CBD business, there are always reasons to keep moving. You want to stay out in front of your competition. You want to innovate. You want to continue evolving your customer experience. You want to make sure you’re operating efficiently, maximizing your revenue, and seizing every new opportunity.

If you think solar might be a good fit (and you’re in California) now’s the time to move.

See, there’s this thing called Net Energy Metering that determines how much money you’ll be credited for your solar energy production.

NEM rates are changing in 2022, so the CBD industry is going solar now to lock in rates before the end of 2021.


You might not need us, but you'll definitely want us.

It’s true that you can use any run-of-the-mill solar provider and still lock in this year's NEM rates, but we think we can do you one better.

Sure we offer permitting, design, procurement, and construction like most other solar companies, but with our market-leading warranty and a brilliant support team monitoring ‘round the clock, we’ll be there for your ongoing operation and maintenance like no other company in the industry.

You’ll have energy, power, and savings in your pocket while staying focused on what you do best: your business.

NOW is the time for CBD to go solar.

If you have any questions about how your business can take advantage of the current solar savings available in California, let us know. We're happy to help.