Meet your new internal solar design/build team.


Now you can offer solar, at scale.

Our expert team is yours. Instead of creating an internal 24/7 solar team with all the associated challenges and overhead, deliver solar services quickly as they are needed with Sunworks. You‘ll be improving client experience, and internal business efficiency.

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Why outsource?

Strategic outsourcing allows contractors to successfully execute on projects or activities that are difficult or cost-prohibitive to do in-house, and allows you to keep your internal resources focused on your core business.

Your team, right now.

It can be difficult to develop and scale internal solar capabilities. Qualified solar engineers are in short supply and developing in-house talent takes time.

Partnering with Sunworks avoids these challenges and gets your solar offering up to speed, instantly.

It makes too much sense.

The benefits of outsourcing solar are many:

  • Fewer expenses
  • Lower hourly rates
  • Time savings
  • Flexible resource management
  • Access to expertise
  • Shared risk
  • Compete with larger contractors
  • No overhead until solar is needed for a project

With Sunworks at your side, you'll be delivering solar for your projects faster and more reliably than ever.

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Why Sunworks?

With our hard-earned expertise across all of the required disciplines, we have the right team to partner on your contracting projects. When you choose Sunworks you’re choosing a scalable, reliable, proven provider who will there for the long haul.


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With cost-effective pricing, the best tools and technologies, and quick project turnaround time – our expert team is yours.